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International  Eucalyptus  for Quality Consultation has been operating since 2014 and has achieved great success,  works in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine,  Oman, and  the United Arab Emirates.

has a large group of companies and factories in the field of quality and excellence consulting and training such as occupational safety and health, quality, and first aid.
"Ethics and integrity that are not compromised, honesty and integrity are the heart of Eucalyptus Global Quality Consulting"
We provide all the services of quality consulting, management, training and qualification of all institutions in all global branches through international experts in accordance with the latest standards of excellence and international accreditation and quality systems to upgrade the level of institutions and individuals in all sectors towards a model that keeps pace with development, Competition, the challenge, prediction, and excellence.

Our Vision
To be a leading global center for improving performance and application of total quality standards in scientific and practical curricula and the highest international standards and systems to be a reference for each individual and every institution.

Our values
Mastery, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork, Commitment, Credibility and Excellence

Eucalyptus International Quality Consultancy
establishes various international quality management systems that comply with international standards, such as ISO K systems, international marking systems, excellence systems and systems for health services, etc. Improving the quality of the product and service provided, increasing sales and improving the name of the establishment;


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Jordan, Amman, Aljubaiha, Alokhwa building, office 506


[email protected]

[email protected]


  Saudi Arabia

Jeddah,Alsharafeiah,Khaled ben Alwaleed street
PO BOX 40538 Jeddah 21511, KSA.


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